Questioned Documents

Document Examination Workstations

For over 30 years Foster+Freeman VSC workstations have been recognized as the premier range of imaging systems for the forensic-level examination of questioned documents.

2nd Line Document Examination

The second line of document examination requires users of varying levels of expertise to be able to quickly and easily detect and authenticate covert security features that cannot otherwise be discerned by the naked eye.

Advanced Document Analysis

Beyond the visual examination of documents and their security features, it is possible to probe deeper into the chemical makeup of a document and to reveal information about the origins and elemental composition of different paper and ink types and to reveal the latest generation of embedded microscopic security taggants.

Reveal Indented Writing

The ESDA process was originally discovered by Foster + Freeman more than 35 years ago and resulted in the founding of the company.

Used by police forces and document examiners worldwide, ESDA instruments remain the systems of choice for the chemical-free and completely non-destructive detection of indented writing.