Trace Evidence

Trace Evidence Workstation

Foster + Freeman's ffTA is a unique modular system that provides Raman spectroscopy, GRIM glass analysis, UV-Vis-IR Microspectrometry, Fluorescence Imaging, Polarised Light Microscopy and Image Processing, on a single microscope.

Forensic Raman Spectroscopy

Fast, non-destructive and highly effective, Raman spectroscopy is an ideal technique for identifying and comparing substances of forensic value.

Forensic Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy (LIBS)

LIBS is a versatile elemental comparison technique that offers significant advantages in cost and efficiency, over other processes such as XRF, SEM, and mass spectrometry.

Footwear Identification

Identify the make and model of a shoe or boot from its full or partial print to provide valuable information that can identify possible suspects and provide links between crimes.